Rock It Man Entertainment offers world-class Dueling Piano Shows, bands, and musicians for weddings, parties, venues, and all kinds of events throughout North America. Based in the Twin Cities, since its launch in October of 2014, Rock It Man has been the featured entertainment for over 250 events in 12 states and Canada. Every show is personalized and customized for each particular event and client, making it a truly unique experience.  

“We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences from the first dance to the final chorus of the last song,” explains founder and owner Jon Li. “At the end of an evening with our entertainers, it is rare that you won’t hear the crowd chanting ‘one more song’, much like what you might expect to hear after your favorite rock band or headlining artist just finished playing the last hit song of their set!”

Rock It Man Entertainment is not your typical DJ or cover band – they curate unique experiences based on crowd-participation and the flow of the event. Also, unlike almost all cover bands, Rock It Man’s musicians never use set lists. Rather, every show is built uniquely around impromptu song requests from anyone in the audience.

“With extremely broad repertoires, our entertainers are a very rare breed of musicians who are able to cover thousands of popular hit songs that span many different genres and decades–from the big band era of the 1930s to the biggest current Top 40 hits of 2017,” says Li. “This versatility coupled with our expertise in reading any crowd enables us to cater our shows to everyone in our audience from age 8 to 88.”


From singalong anthems to dance-offs, hilarious comedy bits to conga lines, Rock It Man Entertainment guarantees memorable experiences and a blast for everyone. For more information or to inquire about bookings, check out or You can also email or call 651-214-2197.


By Rachelle Gordon