Baked goods always taste best when they are made locally. If you’re searching for a scrumptious treat, be sure to check out some of the area bakeries listed below. The best part is that many of these delicious treats are also available as gluten free or vegan. These local goods are sure to be a hit!

Lucid Bakery: Lucid is Fargo’s only fully vegan bakery. You can find Lucid’s baked goods at the Green House Café on Broadway, Youngblood Coffee Co., or at the Red River Market in the summer. What makes Lucid so special is its commitment to using local ingredients as often as possible. Lucid also uses no preservatives and bakes from scratch so that each tasty treat is always fresh and full of flavor. Lucid Bakery can bake custom made orders or check out some of its tried and true varieties of cookies such as Double Chocolate Brownie and Frosted Shortbread. While sampling, should also probably give the Vanilla and French Lavender cupcakes a try. There is also Almond Bliss and Loaded Carrot, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a Beer and Peanut Butter Pretzel cupcake. Cupcake flavors are also offered by the slice or by two and three-layer full cake versions, and the bakery also offers bars, muffins, and quick breads. Find Lucid at Green House Café at 68 Broadway North, Fargo or at Youngblood Coffee Co. at 623 Northern Pacific Ave., Fargo.

Nichole’s Fine Pastries: Nichole’s excels in the baking department and pretty much does it all. From cupcakes at $27 a dozen, and options for fillings that include raspberry preserves, strawberry preserves and caramel (an additional $3 a dozen), Nichole’s also offers a range of specialty frostings upon request. If bars and cookies are more your thing, why not go for a 60 or 97 cookie and bar tray. If you prefer to go even bigger, Nichole’s also specializes in mousse cakes and a number of delicious cheesecakes, such as Turtle Cheesecake, a chocolate filled cake topped with pecans, ganache, and caramel and the Mascarpone Cheesecake, featuring a cashew crust and either a caramel or berry sauce. Consider giving the gift of confections from Nichole’s, such as a 9-piece gift box of chocolate truffles for $15 or heart-shaped Anna Shea chocolates (made in Illinois). Find Nichole’s at 13 8th St. South, Fargo.

Bakeology:  Although not a traditional bakery, Bakeology offers its baked goods at Unglued on Broadway from Monday through Sunday. Bakeology also offers special orders and you can take them boxed to go. This bakery rents a commercial baking space to create their masterpieces. Bakeology offers an impressive range of cupcakes from Cookies N Cream, Eggnog, to the Man Cake from the Party Line, a chocolate cake featuring caramel schnapps, salted caramel, and topped with candied bacon. If bacon really is your thing, you can also order the gluten free Maple Bacon with maple syrup buttercream and topped with candied bacon. Gourmet cupcakes are $2.50 and Party Line and gluten free cupcakes are $3.50 each. Find Bakeology treats at Unglued at 408 Broadway, Fargo. For more information about their facility and their process, see: BakeologyFM.com.

by Ana Mitrovici