When it comes to keeping your dogs and cats healthy, Natural Pet Center is the prime place to go in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Open since 2005, Natural Pet Center is dedicated to providing its customers and their furry friends with the best food, treats, toys and services around.

One of the keys to keeping a healthy pet is ensuring it eats food made of natural ingredients. With over 20 brands to choose from, Natural Pet Center is certain to have one your pet will enjoy. They all include premium meats, grains and vegetables, without the added sugars and colors found in many brands. They also stock grain free, freeze dried and raw foods for cats and dogs.

“Natural is in our name, and that’s what we specialize in,” said Michelle Smith, owner of Natural Pet Center. “We try to look for products that will be beneficial to the health and long lives of pets,” she added.

In addition to daily food, Natural Pet Center focuses on carrying healthy treats and supplements. For dogs, they carry a large selection of bones, biscuits and other treats including raw bones, bully sticks, antlers and smoked bones. Many treats also have health benefits, which is an added bonus for your pet. It’s important for cats to have treats too, especially ones that are made from real meat. Many of the treats found at Natural Pet Center also strengthen hips and joints, help with digestion issues, dry skin, and anxiety concerns and reduce hairballs in cats.

During the summer months, it’s easy to get pets outdoors for regular exercise. When it’s cold out though, pet owners must get creative in thinking of ways to keep their dogs and cats active. Smith suggests keeping dogs entertained with a variety of toys, puzzles and games. The idea is to keep them occupied and free from getting bored. “A tired pet is a happy pet,” Smith said. “Fun puzzle toys not only keep them active, but mentally stimulated too. Once they get bored, they tend to get mischievous.” Winter can also be a good time to focus on training dogs. An obedience class, or one that focuses on agility or other skills is also a positive thing for dogs to be involved in. As for cats, make sure they have plenty of toys to chase around the house. Feathers, balls, toy wands, and those with catnip will keep cats excited. It’s also important they have places to scratch and perch. A cat tree or tunnel will provide hours of entertainment.

If you choose to take your pets outdoors in the winter, Natural Pet Center carries a wide variety of collars, leashes, harnesses and training aids for both dogs and cats. They also carry a full line of pet clothing and paw coverings, from light shirts and sweaters, to winter coats and boots.

Proper grooming is essential to the health of your pet. Because they care about the overall well-being of your animal, Natural Pet Center offers a variety of services, including baths, cuts and trims, styling and brushing, teeth brushing, nail trims and ear cleaning. They welcome all sizes, breeds and ages of dogs and cats. Natural products to help owners follow up with at-home care between visits are also available for purchase.

The employees of Natural Pet Center believe in helping out and giving back to the community. Because of this, they house adoptable cats and kittens from Cat’s Cradle Shelter of Fargo. All cats and kittens have been rescued from local pounds, and are waiting for the perfect forever homes. They have all been vet checked, tested negative for FIV & Feline Leukemia, are up-to-date on  vaccines, microchipped and most are spayed or neutered before being adopted. Natural Pet Center helped 58 cats and kittens get rescued and adopted in 2015. In addition they donated $5,000 to local rescues.

By Kristin Johnson