“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”   ~ John F. Kennedy

Swanson Health Products has been a mainstay in the area’s health and wellness industry for several decades. Five years ago, the downtown storefront was remodeled and doubled in size to better serve the needs of their customers. According to Retail Manager Crystal Nicklay, the store now has over 10,000 unique items and continues to get new products weekly.

Nicklay is a self-professed health nut. In addition to receiving training through the Chestnut School of Herbs, she is currently going to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a health coach. “I just really love to inspire people to be healthy and make positive lifestyle changes to improve their well-being holistically and sustainably,” she said.

In line with current societal trends regarding health awareness and embodiment, Nicklay has seen an increased enthusiasm towards healthy living. “People are excited because being healthy and making healthy choices makes you feel amazing,” she explained. “Social media also helps spread the word about organic products and supplements super-fast.”

If Swanson’s becomes aware of a buzz being generated online, they invariably hear about it from their customers. “People are really tired of taking drugs with side effects and eating conventional food where they can’t pronounce the ingredients, so it pushes them to take action and go to the health food for information and for products they can trust” Nicklay said.

Half of the products you will find at Swanson’s fall under the supplement category, which is what the store sells the most of. The other half is made up of organic/natural groceries, health and beauty aids, natural cleaning products, organic produce, health books, house wares and unique gifts, and even socks and organic clothing. “Customers love their supplements, especially Probiotics, Vitamin D, and Fish Oil,” Nicklay explained. “Right now in grocery, Halo Top ice cream is super-hot; it only has 240 calories in the entire pint and tastes great. You have to try it!”

Nicklay sees continued growth in the health food/supplement market. “I think it will keep growing for sure because more and more people are concerned with their health and wellness,” she said. “People want balance and they want functional healthy foods that will help them achieve that. More big food companies are realizing this and creating these products so they are popping up everywhere now, not just the health shops.”

If you haven’t been to Swanson’s Health Products on Broadway, it is well worth a visit. Nicklay would like potential customers to know that they have a wide selection of organic and natural groceries, in addition to their regular products. Even if you are not sure what you are looking for, stop on in and check it out. “We have some pretty knowledgeable staff, so pop in and ask us questions about products because we would love to help you.”

Swanson Health Products is located at 109 North Broadway in Fargo. More information can be obtained at www.swansonvitamins.com.

By Jamee Larson