If you’re craving authentic Mexican cooking but you are also always on the go, then look no further than La Unica. Located in Moorhead just off the beaten path at 2612 12 Ave. S. #C, La Unica does things differently than most places in town. While it operates primarily as a market, La Unica offers daily lunch specials and breakfast on the weekends. The catch? You have to be plugged in by checking Facebook for heads up on what is being served that day, box-lunch style. Or, you can always show up on your work break and let yourself be surprised.

Other unexpected perks of this great little spot? La Unica carries a wide variety of authentic Mexican goods, including an incredible array of spices, candles, and spicy sauces. Other great finds at La Unica include the variety of brightly colored woven blankets, which are great for decorating, wrapping up in on a fall evening, or perfect for rolling up and using during your next restorative yoga session.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, La Unica offers fresh homemade tortillas by the dozen. I would also recommend picking up some of their fresh salsa made every Friday to take home with you. Diana’s Salsa holds just the right amount of spice and cilantro, but if you are feeling adventurous, try the Jalapeno Salsa, a fresh and delicious recipe that packs quite a punch. Containers are sold in small, medium, and large sizes so you are free to sample and then work your way up based on your favorites. Lunch specials also typically come with sides and a sauce. In my case, two Beef Tostadas were layered with tomatoes, shredded cheese, lettuce, and accompanied by a side of rice, beans, and creamy jalapeno salsa. La Unica also offers traditional tamales, which are not only among their most popular items but are also prepared and served fresh on Wednesdays. You can also take some home with you by the dozen and save to eat during the busy work week.

Amy Espinoza of La Unica says that besides tamales, one of their most popular dishes are their tacos which they make fresh, as are all their ingredients which contain no preservatives. Saturday and Sunday includes a slight variation on their usual with breakfast tacos, which can also include items such as potatoes, if the customer wishes.

La Unica offers a wide array of delicious options to take home with you, but be sure you satisfy your sweet-tooth by picking up some brightly colored Pan Dulce (literally sweet bread) or Pan Dulce with a sweet chocolate frosting. Coming up for Dia de los Muertos which is celebrated on November 2, you can call into special order a traditional sweet bread just for the occasion (known also as Pan de los Muertos).

The best part of this little spot is that while La Unica operates mainly as a grocery and kitchen, they also offer drop off delivery services for larger orders, so consider them for your next birthday or office event. Their authentic, delicious and high-quality cuisine will not disappoint!

Be sure you to check La Unica out on Facebook.


By Ana Mitrovici