Admit it, you secretly dream about jetting off to Paris for a romantic dinner with your sweetheart, right? Most people do. Few have the resources to make that kind of gesture a reality, however. In fact, many don’t have the finances necessary to make any type of overture, even though they would give just about anything to do so. Unfortunately, romance often finds itself on the bottom of the budget.

If you want to spend more time with your beloved but lack a bulging bank account, you are in luck. There are numerous fiscally responsible ways that you can put a bit of spice back into your relationship, many of which are completely free. Consider the following suggestions as you plan your next date night.

Take dance lessons as a couple. Nothing like pushing the envelope in terms of rhythm and coordination to create some fun, a perhaps hilarious, memories. Most cities offer relatively cheap swing, waltz, jazz, or even tango lessons. The local Park and Recreation Department is a great place to look for offerings.

Attend open houses. Few things put excitement into a relationship more than making plans for the future. Let your imaginations run wild as you plan your future dream house. Parade of Homes events are particularly interesting are admittance is usually very cheap.

Go out for dessert. Take your sweetie for an old-fashioned ice cream cone or sundae. Ignore your caloric intake and let yourself splurge. Take your time indulging and just listen to each other – be present in the moment. Pretend you have no other obligations or commitments other than to each other.

Expand your intellectual pursuits. Peruse a local museum or artist reception. Attend a literary event. Stimulate your minds and your relationship at the same time. Consider taking an art or writing class together. Connect the mind and the body and you will connect with each other as well.

Send the kids away for the weekend. No kids. Need I say more?


Ella Larson is a fourth grader at Robert Asp Elementary in Moorhead. She is an aspiring writer and has become my favorite assistant. I asked her to help me with this article and she interviewed several adults to find out the most popular responses in regards to cheap or free date ideas. The following items are submitted in her own words as the result of her research.

Do you have a small budget but love to spend time with your sweetheart? Have you ever tried things that cost no money but are really romantic? Well then, here are some ideas that you can do that are romantic and cheap.

  1. Going for a walk doesn’t cost a dime. You can hold hands which makes it really romantic and you might even see some animals.
  2. Picnics can be very romantic. Just think about looking into each other’s eyes. And don’t forget to stuff your stomach with great food.
  3. Take a road trip. You can explore new areas and see exciting things and you don’t have any kids whining about, “Are we there yet?”
  4. Stargazing is so very romantic. You can enjoy the sky and just talk to each other. Everybody needs to talk sometimes.


By Jamee Larson and Ella Larson