Alright, so you want to go see a comedy show in Minneapolis, but you’ve already been to what is widely considered the best comedy club in the state if not the country (Acme Comedy Company). So what else is out there?

The comedy scene in Minneapolis is probably a lot more active than you would think, with somewhere around 200 active local comedians. Ranging from brand new open-mic participants to decade-plus seasoned professionals, the Cities holds a variety of  different comedy shows that appeal to all different kinds of audiences. This article highlights a few of my favorite smaller shows or venues that happen around Minneapolis and a brief description of what exactly you’ll be getting yourself into.

Standup Sundays at Fair State Brewing in NE (2506 Central Ave NE) First Sunday of every month at 8:30pm, Free

Located in a cozy brewery, this monthly show is produced and hosted by local comedian David Sitrick and features three of the best comedians in Minneapolis that day (lineups often include national headliners in town for the weekend!) Searching for a low-key environment to have a deep belly laugh? Look no further.  

Rosa Comedy Showcase at Dulono’s Pizza in Uptown (607 W Lake St) Wednesdays at 8:30pm, Free

Located in a pizza restaurant, this show is tag-team hosted by two local comedians – Ben Katzner and Mike Lester. Rosa is an open mic the first 3 weeks out of the month and a booked showcase featuring hot local talents the last week of the month. The open mic can be unpredictable, but you’ll be entertained no matter what and your face will be stuffed with pizza so it’s a win/win.

The Greatest Comedy Show Ever at Club Underground in NE (355 Monroe St. NE) First Saturday of Every Month at 10pm, $5

Located in a basement venue often used for music, this monthly showcase put on by local comedian and host Nick Piontek is always a killer late night party. See a lineup of mostly local comics while you have a few beers – and maybe a little too much fun. This is one show where you can really see the care that the host puts into booking and running the show and you’ll have a blast because of it.

Comedy Corner Underground at Seven Corners (1501 Washington Ave S) (Show times and prices vary)

Located in a cool, grungy basement below a sports bar, this small venue hosts shows Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays that showcase a wide variety of talent. Are you a college kid looking for something cheap and fun to do before the weekend? All Thursday shows at CCUG are free for students! See your peers on the U of M showcase, or check out PSSY CTRL ($7 for non-students), the women-produced showcase that features mostly women, GLBT & POC lineups. Weekend shows at CCUG bring in national headliners and feature some of the best local talent as well, or come check out the free open mic on Fridays at 10pm.

Boy Kisses comedy showcase at Universe Games in Uptown (711 W Lake St.) Every Sunday at 7:30pm, Free

Located inside a game store, this comedy variety showcase is the absolute must-see. Each week there is a different theme that the four producers (Turner Barrowman, Robert Fones, Collin Klug and Drew Janda) perform sketches about and host both local and out-of-town comedians doing jokes, songs, characters etc… What is “etc.”? Come down to Boy Kisses and find out, it’s always different, always fun and always free.


By Shelly Paul