Downtown Minneapolis has a fun, diverse bar scene. Some of the best bars in Minneapolis include The Pourhouse, Sneaky Pete’s, Cowboy Jacks, The Gay 90’s and First Avenue. Read on for tips on how to make your night out enjoyable and the lowdown on some of Downtown’s hot spots.

The Pourhouse

Before planning the night make sure to check the bar’s website. For bar goers, it can be quite a surprise to find out at the door that one person in the group can’t get in because they are wearing tennis shoes. The Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis is a perfect example of a bar that has a dress code and they aren’t lenient even if it is someone’s birthday.  The Pourhouse is also a great bar to go to when first experiencing downtown Minneapolis. They hold live shows and events that involve the crowd.

Sneaky Pete’s

Sneaky Pete’s is a fun club/bar to go to in the cities. This must-visit hot spot is split into two levels and they have a fun atmosphere. On the weekends, people can be seen dancing on the club floor and showing off their moves on the few dance poles Sneaky Pete’s has. They also have 55 high-definition televisions and people often visit during the day to catch the latest sporting event. Sneaky Pete’s has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Cowboy Jack’s

Cowboy Jack’s is close to Sneaky Pete’s and The Pourhouse. It is a big bar with a beautiful relaxing patio and is large enough to relax in and meet new people. The music isn’t overwhelmingly loud, so it’s easy to hold conversations. Not to mention they have a mechanical bull people can ride. Cowboy Jack’s is a kind of bar that appeals to people of all ages and is a great place to go to after a long work week.

The Gay 90’s

The Gay 90’s is an 18+ bar that is accepting of everyone. It is a fun experience going to the Gay 90’s as they have six different bars and multiple levels to be explored. They hold events like foam parties, drag queen shows and have karaoke some nights.

First Avenue

First Avenue is one of the best places to go to for music in Minneapolis. The venue was put on the map after the release of Prince’s iconic film Purple Rain. Their main room holds more than 200 concerts a year.  First Avenue is independently owned and is one of the oldest clubs in the Midwest. Artists such as U2, Eminem, Metallica and many more also played the club in their early days.

Final Thought

Downtown Minneapolis’ bars are fun to go to and people are going to have a good time. The bar scene is easy to navigate and many of the bars are close enough within walking distance that a taxi isn’t necessary. There are a lot of hot spots in downtown Minneapolis and these are just some of the more popular ones. Whether it’s live music, a sports bar, or a trendy club, downtown Minneapolis has it all.


By John Walfoort