Have you ever met someone who is well beyond their youthful years, but embodied the spirit of a teenager? What about meeting someone who plays like they’re 20, but is actually over 50?Do you ever wonder how they have maintained a youthful spirit throughout the years?

The secret: creativity.
Creativity provides value to our lives and unconventional means of expressing our inspired self. Now, I’m not insisting that you go out and aim to be a world-class painter, although that would be amazing. I’m asserting that finding a creative outlet in your life affords you the ability to reclaim your imagination and youthful spirit. Here are some benefits when you decide to incorporate more creativity into your life:

1. Self-Expression
It is rumored that creativity is the path to authenticity. When we create, we dive in deep and explore our thoughts and beliefs. Essentially, the more we create the more we discover.

2. Stress Relief
The act of creating, no matter what you’re making, is meditative in its own right. When we make time to use our hands, minds, and energy to do something we love, we improve our lives by enriching it with experiences that provide value.

3. Exploring and Re-igniting Your Imagination
Remember the days when your imagination ran wild? Have you wondered where your imagination has slipped off to? Creativity allows us to tap back into our imagination and dream wild and free like we once used to as children.

4. Problem-Solving Skills
By making creativity a habit, you’re better able to tap into your youthful and artistic side when you face an obstacle. This mindset can provide a novel and innovative approach to solving problems.

5. Personal Freedoms
Creativity: There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Whatever endeavor you pursue, the act of creating allows you to interact with the world and yourself without judging.
A creative spirit is a spirit that does not age. It is a spirit that is bursting full of life and is ready and willing to explore and try new things. Embrace your unique, creative self and watch your spirit liven up a bit.


By Tara Massan