It’s no secret that Fargo loves coffee more than Lorelai Gilmore loves Luke’s Diner. You can start your coffee shop crawl in downtown Fargo, where you’ll experience some of the best brews around town. A few sips at any of these unique locations will ensure your day gets started bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work or for your next weekend outdoor adventure.

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor – Boasting the best historic location and overall cool factor, Red Raven is located on 916 Main Ave, inside one of Fargo’s earliest fire stations. Get your culture on, as Red Raven regularly offers poetry readings, music, and art. Enter through the back alley and if you’re lucky enough to come in on Purrsday Thursday, your coffee comes with a discount and some feline company from neighbor Cats Cradle Shelter.                                                                                                                                                                              To try: Dirty Chai

Babb’s Coffee Shop – Are you in Fargo or Seattle? You might find yourself wondering this out loud and that’s because Babb’s, located on 604 Main Ave offers the best of both worlds with its cozy urban interior that makes you inexplicably forget about summer and yearn for fall. For the ultimate Seattle experience right here in town, cozy up with a book or sit by the window and relax while you wait for the rain to come down.

To try: White Chocolate Blackberry Lavender Mocha

Stumbeano’s Coffee Roasters – Fargo’s possibly best-kept secret located on 210   

      Broadway in the heart of downtown on the lower level of the Loretta Building. If  

      you’re feeling adventurous, you can enter through the alley in the back by the Boiler     Room and enjoy their patio. Known for syrups in house and roasting their beans in

      Fergus Falls, Minnesota and using a range of brewing methods depending on your bean

      selection, Stumbeano’s is well worth branching out from your own tried method with a

      pour over and fresh breakfast waffles.

      To try:  Green Cardamom Vanilla Iced Latte

20 Below Coffee Co. – Located on 14th Robert’s Street North, 20 Below – as the name implies –  is not for the faint of heart. In a class above the rest, you’ll get to experience a blast from the past with a syphon immersion. First patented by Frenchwoman Mme. Vassieux (née Marie Fanny Amelne Massot) in the 19th century, this “glass balloon” mechanism lets you see the science of brew at work while exuding a certain level of steampunk glam. Try yours in a handmade cup at the bar or take a seat outside while the weather’s still warm.  

To try: Syphon Immersion

Atomic Coffee – A tried and true staple of the downtown scene, Atomic gives you the absolute best views from 222 Broadway. Watch classic car show unfold from the comfort of an armchair or catch up on the High Plains Reader while you sip on your favorite comfort drink. Be sure to try one of their lemon bars with an espresso, or if you’re feeling like you’ve hit your caffeine limit for the day, try the raspberry Italian soda.

To try: Atomic Bomb


By Ana Mitrovici