The summer is coming to a close, and in this neck of the woods, the snow will by flying sooner than you think. For those of you wanting to be pro-active about your plowing needs this year, call the friendly and professional team at Fargo Snow. This snow and ice management company is one of the biggest and best in town, with hundreds of residential and commercial accounts throughout the South Fargo and West Fargo areas.

The Snow Experts

The folks over at Fargo Snow are dedicated to ensuring their customers’ needs are met; this company is “snow only,” meaning their entire focus is on the pretty white powder that typically becomes the bane of our existence come late fall. Founded in 2007 by Steve Koep, Fargo Snow has grown by leaps and bounds to become the go-to guys when it comes to removing ice and snow.

“I started with one truck back in 2007,” Koep explains. “Now we have a team of 10-12 guys each storm out there getting the job done. It’s been a big change, I learn a little more each year, and it’s been a lot of fun. I really love snow, and I love challenges. The challenges in each storm are different, and that makes it very rewarding to wrap up each storm.”

The Best Machines to Get the Job Done

When asked what sets Fargo Snow apart from their competitors, Koep jumped in immediately.

“That’s easy! We have a fleet (currently 7) of John Deere tractors with snow blowers on them. These tractors are smaller than a pickup, about the size of a Jeep, and they are very nimble and quick. Each of these units is identical and are set up with a 7′ snow blower to quickly and efficiently blow the snow from driveways. Blowing snow is soooo much nicer than using a truck, our customers absolutely love it!”

Koep noted that the vehicles used are always up-to-date and that the fleet is upgraded regularly to ensure the best job done no matter what. In addition to the tractors, the company also has a number of specialty trucks and loaders for the extra-tough jobs.

Social Media + GPS = a Match Made in Snow-Removal Heaven

In addition to their fleet of impressive vehicles, Fargo Snow also keeps their customers informed in real time at all times during a storm. Utilizing GPS units within their vehicles, the technicians can give status updates via social media from the beginning to the end.

“From the time a storm is a “maybe” on the horizon, to during the storm, and after it’s over, we are keeping our customers informed,” says Koep. “With our GPS tracking we know exactly how our routes are going, and we let our customers know by updating our Facebook page. GPS has been a great technology to embrace, and our customers really appreciate that we are sharing our progress during each storm.”

Even if you’re not our customer, I encourage you to “like” us on Facebook, we do our best to keep you informed about the street and weather conditions all winter. (facebook link in article please )*Karen this may be under the photo as a quote?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

While it’s not quite winter yet, the team at Fargo Snow encourages both residential and commercial clients to be pro-active when it comes to their services so they do not get caught off-guard when the first storm hits. Koep breaks it down:

“We have flat rate pricing — Most driveways are only $375 – $395 for the entire winter. This is basically insurance against shoveling snow!”

Fargo Snow also features a customer referral program. For every friend or neighbor you sign up, you get $50 – the folks don’t even have to be on your block.

“You’ve heard of us, you probably already knew our name, you see us servicing your neighbor’s driveway, give us a call and let’s take care of your driveway too!” *Karen – requested as maybe a picture or inline quote?

Winter is Coming – Trust Fargo Snow

When it comes to snow and ice management, Fargo Snow is the name to remember. The fleet is often on the road before city plow trucks and pays special attention to high-traffic areas. In fact, their policy is to automatically clear snow after every 2” accumulation without customers even having to call.

Steve Koep encourages anyone who is in need of snow and ice management to reach out personally, and he will guarantee your needs are met.

“We have hundreds of happy customers with more signing up every year. If you’d like a quote for your driveway or your business please don’t hesitate to call 701-235-SNOW for a free quote, or send me an email to”


Rachelle Gordon