Summer isn’t over yet, but trendsetters are already looking ahead to the fall fashion season to see what’s on deck. Fashion Weeks from New York to Milan typically occur in late winter or early spring, yet always feature a sneak peek of potential trends for later in the year. This fall, prepare to see more bold prints, high waists, and lots of gold. If you want to be ahead of the curve, read on for some of the most noteworthy fall fashion looks.

20th Century Function Meets 21st Century Style

Despite a large increase in the sale of cat and pizza-related leggings in recent years, modern fashion still relies on classic looks – with an update here and there. High-waisted skirts and pants have been back in style for a bit now, but this fall the designers are doubling down on the flattering-on-everyone cut. Prepare to see pencil skirts with lots of pleats and wide-legged wool and denim pants.

In addition, the elegant furs of yester-year have been given a modern twist. Faux-fur coats and vests will definitely be in this season, along with matching fur-accented bags and booties. Traditional-looking pieces are present but so are wild pinks and purples. Cow hide, which often is used in pants, shoes, and bags is also big this fall – but again, sticking to a faux facade. Think blazers, messenger bags, and of course, the actual boot – which is a fall staple that will never go out style.

Stand Out Above the Crowd

In an age of Insta-famous looks, it can be difficult to feel original. But it doesn’t take extreme measures to show off your flashy side – it’s a piece of cake. Bold, geometric patterns are big in the upcoming season – literally. Try the look out by adding a pair of large diamond-shaped earrings or a  long, trapezoidal statement ring. Geometry will also be present on everything from dresses to scarves, meaning it will be easy to try this trend out in many different ways – even if you have to shout out loud!

Paisley prints are also hot this season, mixing Boho style with flattering patterns for all body types. An off-the-shoulder dress over black leggings can be worn with boots, flats, or heels, making it a perfect piece for any occasion. Added with a floppy hat or a leather shoulder bag, this statement-making look works day and night. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints and colors – all of the old rules have gone out the window, so why not try something new?


Metallic Mania

While the term “heavy metal” may conjure thoughts of headbanging and 80s hair, this season it’s all the rage – in terms of accessorizing that is. Rose gold eyeshadow, copper bangles, and silver hair jewelry are all super hot, almost as if the fires that forged these minerals are within our sights. A sweep of loose metallic powders across the lids or cheeks will bring a certain pop to any look, while a long ring (think the kind Jojo the Bachelorette wears) is the perfect accent for both work and play.

If you want to feel like a rock star but are concerned that you can’t pull off the full metal treatment, opt for small, eye-catching accents. Illuminating and bronzers aren’t just for the Kardashians; a little goes a long way so adding a touch here and there will definitely make a difference. Add a pop to a simple blouse or blazer by wearing a statement brooch on the color – look for vintage pieces at the local thrift shop for a touch of classic elegance that won’t break the bank.


By Rachelle Gordon