I’m sure you have found yourself wondering where summer went as the fall season approaches. In Minnesota, summer is a cherished season.  The season is short, sweet and we want the most of it.  So I insist you make it a point to get the most of from this enchanted season.

Many of us are obliged with a day job that motivates us to work hard until the weekend.  With the short season unfolding now, let’s prioritize our lives to make the most of every free moment we have.

Reflect back to the days when you were a child, summer activities were a must.  Your goal each day was to find a more exhilarating activity than the day before.

As adults, we can stay up late, have a bonfire, go on an impromptu camping trip, visit a national park 100 miles away from home and so on.  But let me ask:  When was the last time you actually did any of that?

I know last summer, I used a few precious vacation days to simply run errands, why?  Because that was the “adult” thing to do.  Did I feel better afterward? Sure, but only for a moment.  As the fall season approached it had me wondering, why I didn’t take advantage of my vacation days to go frolic in the woods and to be exhilarated like my inner-child would insist I do.

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

What song will you be singing this summer before this enchanted season slips away?

If you haven’t a clue then let me take a moment to encourage you to set aside some time to carve out and create your summer.

Maybe you’re a bit bemused with carving out time for summer activities as you’re uncertain of where to start.  Minnesota is a flourishing state full of summer activities and places to see.

Here are a few random things I plan on doing this summer:

Attend a few outdoor concerts, have a picnic at a favorite park, grilling on a weekly basis, visit a few new parks, enjoy the sunshine for 10 minutes every morning before I start working, and gaze into the midnight sky learning a new constellation or two.

These are just a few ideas.  Create a summer that is meaningful and will have lasting memories for you to call upon in the bitter winter months ahead.


By: Tara Massan