Anyone who has ever enjoyed meat right out of a smoker was ecstatic when NoBull Smokehouse opened its doors in May of 2015. Those that had never experienced that smoky flavor quickly became fans. For anyone who has yet to do either, you are missing out.

For General Manager Emilie Fischer, it’s all about the smoke. The meat at the NoBull Smokehouse is smoked with a unique blend of locally-sourced red and white oak. Serving what can be considered traditional Northern Barbecue, the restaurant is quickly garnering a reputation as having the best-smoked meats in the area.

NoBull offers a variety of menu options, including smoked sausage, lightly pulled smoked pork, northern oak-smoked ribs, fresh buttermilk infused northern friend chicken fingers, and chicken and waffles. “The chicken and waffles which was part of our original menu is still a guest favorite,” Fischer said. “Combining the sweet of the waffles and the salt of the chicken is a real fan favorite.”

Another must-try is the Picture Perfect appetizer platter. Consisting of a pound of pulled pork, five rib bones, three smoked sausages, five fresh buttermilk infused fried chicken fingers, and slaw, dressing, gravy, best beans, pickles, bread, and your choice of sauces. The colossal platter is definitely not for amateurs.

In addition to unique, mouthwatering meals, NoBull is also known for its ambiance. “Our atmosphere is one-of-a-kind,” Fischer said. “One needs to come check out the place to really get the full feeling.” Trying to find a similar restaurant setting in the area would be an exercise in futility. From its rustic interior to the outdoor patio in the back, NoBull has set itself apart within the industry. Add to that a garage door in the front of the restaurant that allows customers to get the feeling of being outside, regardless of where they sit, and you have a dining experience that is without equal.

As NoBull continues to grow, they will be offering more events and special. According to Fisher, rib-a-palooza will be starting soon. Sound intriguing? It is. The special will give diners two ribs for the price of one every Two-sday from 5:00 to 10:00 pm. The new theme will join the current Swine and Wine special that take place on Wednesdays when diners who buy one bottle or glass of wine can get a second for only a penny.

NoBull Smokehouse is located at 609 NP Avenue in Fargo and open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am until done. “Until done?” you may ask. Yes, until done. An exact time cannot be given because the restaurant smokes only enough meat to serve on any given day. When the meat is gone, it is gone. Although unconventional, the custom is an example of NoBull’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Want to avoid an empty plate? You better get their early.

If you haven’t been to NoBull, you have already waited too long. It doesn’t matter if you go for the food, the atmosphere, or the daily specials – you just need to go. “We are a family restaurant so you get to pick what you want to eat. Our staff is fast, friendly, and loves to help you decide what you are going to #pigout on for your meal,” Fisher explained. “Please stop in and give us a try sometime. You will leave full and happy.”

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By Jamee Larson