Most of us have a person in our life that is a nightmare to shop for. You know exactly who I am referring to – the person with eccentric taste who prefers one of a kind items as opposed to those mass produced on an assembly line. The quest for the perfect gift can lead to mounting frustration until you are at the end of your rope. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, your pursuits do not need to end in defeat, not if you visit The Red Silo. Open less than two years, the specialty store located at 12 Broadway in Fargo has a vast array of unique handmade, vintage, and antique items that will surely please anyone on your list.

The brainchild of owners Bobbi Jo and Todd Cody, The Red Silo is a charming and welcoming store that seduces your senses the minute you step through the door. From the intoxicating aroma of fresh baked goods and scented candles to the delectable tastes of taffy and honey, the store is as mesmerizing as it is inimitable. Throw in handmade gifts and homemade décor and it takes an iron will to leave the story empty-handed.

Bobbi Jo and Cody have not spent their careers in the retail industry. In fact, The Red Silo is their first foray into the world of supply and demand, which makes the success of their distinctive business concept that much more impressive. “We try to find items unique to the area and to feature local artists,” Bobbi Jo explained. Indeed, many of the products found at the store are certified “Pride of Dakota” items, meaning the items were made in North Dakota.

When not overseeing the daily operations of the store, both Bobbi Jo and Cody have their own careers, Bobbi Jo as a 1st-grade teacher at Fargo’s Longfellow Elementary School and Cody as a professional photographer. It is within the sensibilities required in each career that the two have been able to create one the most eclectic stores in the Red River Valley.

The Red Silo truly offers something for everyone. Whether you are a pet lover and desperately in need of a sign that proudly boasts, “Dog hair is my glitter,” or a lake lover that firmly believes “Everything is better at the Lake,” you will be able to find something that sums up your personality. The best part is that you are unlikely to find the same items two trips in a row, which gives shopping a scavenger hunt appeal.

Attached to The Red Silo store is the Red Silo Mercantile, which opened in April. Featuring products from local farmers and bakers, the Mercantile is a far cry from Hornbacher’s or Casey’s General Store. Instead, the grocery store embraces a farm-to-table concept that taps into society’s growing desire to know where their food is coming from. Products also include gluten-free and vegan options.

If you have never been to The Red Silo – run, don’t walk. It is a shopping experience like no other. “There is something for everyone to see, whether you are one or one hundred years old,” Bobbi Jo proclaimed.

The Red Silo store is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Mercantile is open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. More information on both can be obtained at


By Jamee Larson