In today’s hustle and bustle world, few people take the time to actually sit and enjoy the world around them. We have largely become a drive-through kind of society. If something can be accomplished in three minutes, we want it done in two.

Not everyone is buying into the faster is better mentality, however. Those of you who have been to Fargo’s Teaberry knows this to be true. Instead of pumping out cookie-cutter drinks and expecting their customers to move along, Teaberry has created an atmosphere that invites people to stop, relax, and embrace all that is now.

Teaberry has been in operation since 2008. During that time, it has steadily built a reputation as serving the best smoothies in town. I’m not talking about the traditional smoothie, however; as Teaberry has brought the Boba Tea to Downtown Fargo. Although it looks like a smoothie, the drink is actually a non-dairy product that uses jasmine green tea as a base. Customers are then able to add up to three all-natural powdered flavors.

The Boba Tea doesn’t stop there, however. Customers are able to further customize their drinks with the addition of jellies made of seaweed extract that add another layer of flavor and an element of fun to the drink. The best part is that all Boba Teas are made fresh, so you know you are getting exactly what you ordered. With so many flavor options, the combinations are truly endless.

In addition to the delicious Boba Teas, it is the ambiance of Teaberry that sets it apart from other beverage shops or restaurants. Walk through the doors on any given day and you will likely find people doing homework, playing board games, or simply enjoying the soft sounds of the restaurant’s stereo system. Although the location has become a favorite hangout for high school and college students, you will also find customers of all ages enjoying a refreshing Tea.

A hang-out type of atmosphere is what the owners of Teaberry were shooting for. In addition to traditional seating areas, the restaurant also has comfortable couches, oversized pillows, and bean-bag type chairs. For an added twist, every wood surface is covered with names and messages that have been carved in by past customers. My niece Ella and I are frequent visitors to Teaberry, and the first thing we have to do is try to find her name.

Although the Boba Tea is Teaberry’s signature drink, that is not the only thing on the menu. Those of you that would prefer alternative drinks can still enjoy a visit to the restaurant. The menu includes green, white, and herbal tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider and more. With the plethora of Boba Tea combinations, however, it is virtually impossible to not find a flavor you will enjoy.

The rise of social media and technology, in general, has facilitated a transformation in how we communicate with each other. Why call or interact face-to-face with someone when you can send them a text in a few seconds?

Fortunately, places like Teaberry are trying to reverse that trend. By creating a space that is inviting and hip, the restaurant has made it cool again to hang out with friends and family. Add the unique, delightful taste of the Boba Tea and it is no wonder that Teaberry has become one of the hottest places in town.


By Jamee Larson