It’s not every day that you can find a restaurant that appeals to both families and college-aged students. Think half Chuck E. Cheese and half Rooters Bar and you will have Fargo’s Kitchen Gremlin. Located at 402 North Broadway, the eatery is the perfect mix of a friendly, welcoming restaurant and a vibrant and energetic bar.

Kitchen Gremlin has been open less than a year, but it is already making a name for itself in the Downtown Fargo scene. Its stellar reputation starts with its food, including items you won’t find anywhere else in Fargo/Moorhead. According to Owner Melanie Lefort, the most popular dishes are the Alamo Burger (fresh ground chuck cooked to order with cheddar cheese, bacon, and the restaurant’s homemade BBQ gremlin sauce) and the Pulled Pork Sandwich (slow roasted pulled pork topped with slaw and the signature gremlin sauce).

In addition to the special gremlin sauce, the composition of which is a well-guarded secret, the key to Kitchen Gremlin’s sandwiches are the buns, which are hand-made on site each morning. The restaurant’s bagel buns are particularly tasty.

Kitchen Gremlin also as a variety of unique, signature drinks. Added to the numerous televisions located throughout the bar and the Karaoke setup in the corner, and it is easy to see why the restaurant has become a popular watering hole for college students. Once again, it is Kitchen Gremlin’s unique spin on concoctions that make them stand out. Popular drinks and shots include Gremlin in Your Closet, Greenie Tini, the Jolly Rancher, the Gummy Bear, and the KG Manhattan.

The obvious nod to college students does not mean Kitchen Gremlin is not a family restaurant. In fact, appealing to that demographic is one of the goals of the restaurant. “Family friendly is what we want to put out there,” Lefort explained. “There is really nothing else downtown for kids and families.”

Part of that family focus includes a game room equipped with Foosball, Darts, and video games, including the retro-arcade king Pac-Man. The walls to the restrooms are also lined with chalkboards, and come on, who doesn’t love chalk? As if that wasn’t enough, a portion of the dining area is fitted with leather furniture, in line with the restaurant’s laid-back and convivial vibe.

Although known for its burgers, sandwiches, and special sauce, Kitchen Gremlin also has a delectable breakfast menu, including omelets, skillets, and build your own breakfast options. “Our omelets are really big and great,” Lefort said, adding that the most common was the ham and cheese.

Chances are great that even if you have previously been to Kitchen Gremlin, you will find new offerings on the menu. In addition to management coming up with new burger and sandwich combinations, the cooks and servers are encouraged to explore their creativity as well.

Occasionally, the staff will have contests on who can create the next best-selling burger. The results are flavor combinations that push the envelope, so to speak. Some even make it onto the full-time menu, which is why Kitchen Gremlin is known for its ability to think outside the proverbial box.

If you haven’t been to Kitchen Gremlin, waste time no more. It has rapidly become one of Downtown Fargo’s most unique and entertaining restaurants with a varied menu and exhilarating vibe. Whether you are a family looking for a great outing or someone looking for a great burger and a unique drink, head on down to 402 North Broadway. Don’t forget to check out the sauce!

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By Jamee Larson