A few weekends ago, my mother and I went on a hunt for some garage sales. The weather was perfect, it was the beginning of the weekend, and our hopes were high. HUGE SALE a sign read, and MULTIFAMILY YARD SALE – LOTS OF STUFF read another. COME BUY ALL OUR AWESOME STUFF. We were getting excited. As we followed the signs, however, we began to feel a little confused. The signs used for what seemed to be the same sale were of varying colors and styles. Did we miss a sign? Are these all different sales? Some signs were positioned on the opposite side of the road as the direction we were supposed to turn. Should I take a left here? Or is it on the right? I can’t see the arrow! Agh, it’s the left! I wonder how many car accidents have occurred due to last-minute garage sale swerves.

After finally finding one of the sales, our hearts sank as we drove by: two thin lines of what appeared to be broken furniture and worn-out children’s toys were lined up on either side of a small driveway. The garage doors were open, and two folding tables had miscellaneous clothing tousled in a few piles. It wasn’t exactly what I would call a HUGE SALE. Granted, they could have sold the majority of their things already, but it was early in the day. Well, we might as well check it out after all that. We parked and got out, and noticed a large gathering of high school aged boys sitting around the cash register. They all stared. We smiled a little and meandered up the two aisles, trying to focus on whether or not those curtains could be made into a dress. But all we could think about was their eyes on us. Were they trying to pressure us into buying something? Did they want us to leave? Did I forget to put on pants today? The price on the curtains was $10, not worth the effort of making them into something worthwhile, and we moved on. I did find an umbrella for a dollar, and I bought it. I thanked them, and they stared.

The rest of our garage sale adventure was not as unsettling, and we ended the day triumphant with our finds. That’s the magic of garage sales: there’s always one more to be discovered just around the corner.


By: Whitney Grindberg